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Raiden Leigh Knight currently lives and practices doing Divine Matrix Connections and Light Body Activation, in Sedona Arizona. He provides Private counseling to help people regain balance, offers valuable services with Addiction and Prevention, and helps people with their search for their authentic self. Raiden is a Licensed, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor as recognized by the State of Hawaii and The International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (ICADC).

After many years of successful network marketing in the fields of health and nutrition, eventually became the lead representative and co-owner of his own network marketing company. Mr. Knight moved to Hawaii in 1990 and resided there until 2002. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Hawaii, he enjoyed a successful counseling career in Hawaii from 1992 to 2001, a labor of love that he continues to this day. He also worked for 10 years as manager of Pacific Ocean Property in Santa Monica, California, which helped secure peaceful retreats in Hawaii, California, and Arizona for continued healing.

Raiden uses a combination of his counseling skills and his knowledge of Health and Nutrition as a consultant for Angel Farms in Hawaii, a position he has held since 1993. While there, he was also involved in assisting the clientele with a variety of detoxification and body rebuilding programs. He combined this with additional counseling services. He has remained a marketing representative for Angel Farms 
( www.angelfarms.com ) to present. 

Expanding his experience and skills, he moved on to Heart Awakening, ( www.heartawakening.com ) training as a student/teacher with Raoult Bertrand, from 1996-2000. Also during this time, Raiden studied, received, and still incorporates, The Yuen Method 
( www.yuenmethod.com ) in his own practice. As a result of his training and experience in his position with Heart Awakening, Raiden was introduced to Dr. Eric Pearl and Reconnective Frequencies ( www.thereconnection.com ), in his search for similarities, the adjusting of personal relationships, and the yearning to share. Although committed to the process of utilizing these new frequencies to allow for the healing of the body, mind and spirit. In 2001, after completing his training at The Reconnection and serving as a teacher's assistant, he became a Certified Practitioner and began traveling the globe. During these travels, Mr. Knight became acquainted with many people from a variety of diversified backgrounds, many of whom are dedicated to the continued, restorative renewal of our planet.

In 2001, in Raiden's search for truth in wholeness, and the source of this Axiatonal process, he was introduced to the Divine Matrix Connection and Lightbodies Activation, which is the origination of Axiatonal lines, by Marsha Craven in 1982. Marsha is a pioneer in the world of connecting mind-body-spirit through innovative and effective healing modalities. She is the original channeled source of Axitonal Lines and Spin Points (that are referred to in "The Keys of Enoch" by J.J. Hurtak - ( www.FutureScience.org ). Mr. Knight inevitably had questions about the origination of this Divine Matrix Connection, and found the answers by due diligence. After receiving the Divine Matrix Connection and Lightbody Activation of 9 Lightbodies in 2001 by Raia, a lifelong disease, Hypoglycemia, was no longer present in Mr. Knight's body. In 2011, Marsha Craven activated Raiden's 10th, 11th, and 12th Lightbodies which she was given permission to teach.

It was during this time that Raiden and Arthur MacKinstry co-created Pollution Zero/EC transformative water ( www.transformativeservices.com ). He began to market and became a corporate member. He followed this through from original concept with the inventor, to the research and development phase and finally to distribution of the water. When five gallons of it are put into a well contaminated with bacteria such as nitrates and sulfates, etc. It removes all contaminate organisms and returns it to a purified state. The water also has been proven to support healing in the human body. He remains connected to this corporation as a primary share holder.

In 2007, Raiden was ALWI, Inc.'s Marketing and Sales Representative, Funding Liaison, and Shareholder. He is a true mover and shaker. Once the idea has been manifested and our administrator has put it into the proper format; Raiden takes the reigns. It was in his capacity as marketing representative with Pollution Zero, that he was introduced to ALWI, Inc. He now works closely with our President, Kathleen Ball-Wolfe in achieving investment alliances that will support our research and develop, our technology and services and technical application with the highest ethical intention towards ALWI, Inc's ultimate goal.

Raiden is a multi-tasked and multi-talented individual with vast store houses of energy. He is currently president of Transformative Services and is also involved in spiritual counseling and guidance for individuals. He only aligns himself with businesses or personal endeavors that are for the highest good for all of mankind and our planet.


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