The Divine Matrix Connection

What is the Divine Matrix Connection?

For many years now, the planet has been in a state of ascension and the frequency rising at a very rapid rate and along with it, losing density. Matter as you know if from the third dimension is densification of Light.

There are millions of Lightworkers on the planet calling down and directing the purest form of energy for healing. When you have a densification, you reach a point when it’s gone to maximum separation. At that point, a shift occurs and the planet begins to reverse its process and start to the homeward route, i.e. back to One Point or Source.

The planet is in a state of transition to Light. This is a gradual process. You are not matter one day and Light the next.


There are various dimensions of existence within the universe. You as a human being, sitting in a physical body, exist in the third dimension. The third dimension is matter-based. The fourth is what’s called the astral plane and is basically emotionally based. The two of these make up what is known as the Lower Creation World or Plane of Existence. The planet began to move into the fourth dimension in April 1990. The game of separation is carried out within these dimensions and is the only place where the illusion of good and evil can maintained so that you can feel separated from Source and from each other.

The planet is vibrating at the level of the mid-astral plane; it’s beginning to feel like a dream state for many. Never quite sure if you are awake or not, continuities are breaking down and the feeling that things can change as you hold them in your hands are very real for most. Your dreams will become lucid and you will be consciously aware of moving back and forth between different realities and all feel equal to you.

How do you know this could be true? Look how time has speeded up and how quickly your thoughts become reality.

The physical body has circulatory systems includes the lymphatic and circulatory (heart, veins, arteries), the energy system also has circulator systems.

The meridians are rivers of energy through which the chi energy flows through the physical body.

When you connect the meridians of the physical body to the grids of the electro-magnetic field, you create what is called an “axiatonal circulatory system”.

When the meridians are blocked, this causes a poor circulation of energy to the organs, glands and cells. The grids can be broken and/or weak on more than one level. Usually, where there is a break in the grid, people may experience a physical dis-ease or imbalance. The more breaks in the grids, the more blockages in the meridians, the less energy flow to the body, thus, potential for more illness physically, mentally and emotionally.

Clearing the meridians of blockages will allow more energy flow to the organs, glands and cells. Repairing the grids will assist with more energy flow to the crown chakra, which will increase the energy to the other chakras, which will send more energy to the meridians, which filters the energy to the organs, glands and cells.

You could also receive an Axiatonal Alignment aka Divine Matrix Connection. This is an energetic technique that connects the meridians to the grids, increasing the amount of light that your LightBody carries. This energetic technique also has the potential to increase your frequency, activate many things, and begin to clear debris and toxic residues out of your body/energy system.

The etheric body that penetrates the physical body consists of many higher dimensional templates. When the separation from the higher levels of Self occurred, a set of lines know as axiatonal lines (or axiatonal meridians) that connect all levels of Self were severed. These axiatonal lines were used to feed into a 5th dimensional circulatory system known as the axial circulatory system, as well as the 4th dimensional acupuncture meridians. The flow of higher energy is used to maintain the physical body and it’s organs, and also keep the emotional and mental bodies in the perfect harmony.

The axial circulatory system became dormant when the axiatonal lines were severed leaving the acupuncture meridians able to draw just enough energy to sustain life. The separated aspects of Self continued along at the survival levels of energy, and continued a karmic existence. All precious awareness of the Higher levels of Self was also veiled and the Lower Self then took on a life of it’s own, run by pride, self-will, and fear.

With all he experiences of various lifetimes directed by the Soul, the personality begins to realize that it’s a part of a larger aspect of Self, and in turn, part of a larger Whole. Over time, the yearning to re-establish with the rest of Self becomes very important. Your desire and willingness to re-establish the connection makes it all possible.

The larger Self is just as eager to re-establish connection, because separation is very unnatural for Spirit. The larger Self has been held back from higher evolution, because the separated Self has been “stuck”. The larger Self is willing and eager to assist in the re-integration, and can facilitate the process with great ease.

There are three very important conditions that must be fulfilled before we can return to Oneness:

1. We must consciously seek to re-establish our connection with Source. We exercised our free will to separate from Source; now we must exercise our free will to re-establish a connection. 

2. We must consciously seek to re-establish our connection with Source. We must consciously reclaim our Divinity. The key to accepting our Divinity is total unconditional love and self-acceptance. All along, there has NEVER been any judgment or condemnation of any kind from Source that sees ALL experiences as beneficial. All our experiences have indeed enriched us, and led us to our enlightenment. All along, it has been the Lower Self that has judged negatively and condemned. The Lower Self meant well and acted to protect the separated Self. But without guidance from Source, it lost track and fell prey to fear. No aspect of Self can be discarded as unworthy. All MUST be accepted with great compassion, and re- integrated. By embracing ALL aspect of Self unconditionally, accepting our Divinity becomes easy. 

3. We are required to accept Oneness. Until we totally integrate Oneness, the old fear-based patterns are still at play. This can create extreme frustration. Many are also engaged with the polarity between Darkness and Light. Fear is the hallmark of Oneness. The whole exercise of expression and experience of Life is played out as a big game. The “actors” play their roles so very well, that they have been mistaken for real. Darkness has been misguided protection of the personality.

Spin Points

Let’s talk a little about spin points. Where are these so-called “Spin Points” and what are their functions?

Axial Circulatory System

The axial circulatory system is 5th dimensional and is within the body connecting to every “Spin Point” in every cell and on the body’s surface. This is the model for physical transmutation. The energy that it pulses is like the blood circulatory system but is basically electrical like the nervous system.

It will draw energy from the Oversoul through the surface “Spin Points” combining color and sound to realign the blood, lymph, hormonal, and neural systems into the Divine Being.

The axial system shifts the body’s pain sending apparatus so that the mutation can be experienced with Joy as it accelerates the molecular spin of the cells to create or generate a grid work for renewed evolution in humankind.

Axiatonal Lines

The axiatonal lines lie along and connect into the acupuncture meridians by means of the “Spin Points” which also connect to the axial circulatory system.

The axiatonal lines are the equivalent of acupuncture meridians and connect with the Oversoul and resonant star system. The “separation game”, as it is called, took place when the acupuncture meridians were cut off from direct connection with the Oversoul and other star populations. This separation is what created the brain atrophy, aging and death that we as humans constantly think about and experience.

It is through these lines that a human body is directly re-programmed by the Oversoul into a new body of Light. The axiatonal lines exist independently of any physical body or biological form and emanate from various star systems and are the means by which the galactic body controls its renewing mechanisms. The lines are made up of light and sound and it is necessary to reconstruct the axiatonal meridians in the human body to allow the Oversoul to transmit the appropriate color/tone frequencies to regenerate the physical body into a LightBody.

Grid Lines

The axiatonal lines intersect Universal waves, forms and grids. So, in the Higher Light Integrations we lay grid works from chakras into various “Spin Points” on the body, thus connecting chakra grids into the axiatonal and axial systems. By connecting chakra grids into the axiational lines, the chakras are hooked up into a high evolutionary resonance grid and wave motion. This assists the chakras, as well as the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to merge into on unified energy grid which then receives the Oversoul bodies and moves in synchronicity with the Universal waves and pulses of energy through the “Spin Points” into the axial circulatory system recalibrating the pulse and flow of the body fluids. When this happens, the whole new grid work transmits the waves and pulses of energy through the “Spin Points” into the axial circulatory system recalibrating the pulse and flow of the body fluids.

Troubleshooting Axiatonal Lines

Frayed Lines

Broken or Missing Lines

Narrowed or Unlit Lines

Closed Chakras

Damaged Chakras

Integration of Higher Light

Since we are bringing more light into the body, the purpose of all Higher Light Integrations is to assist the DNA to accept more light, hold or support the building of the LightBody, and to prepare the five lower bodies for unification with the Oversoul. Therefore, by opening, connecting and lighting the axiatonal lines, stimulating the axial circulation system and laying in chakra grids, all the bodies mutate with Grace and ease into their next higher order of existence.

The Chakras

The word Chakra comes from the Eastern tradition. The chakras are known as the “Wheels of Life” and the Vortexes of Energy that animate your being. Each vortex corresponds to a level of consciousness (awareness) and serves as a “channel” for that energy to enter into the system.


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